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"Character Building is Nation Building"



Our Vision

The PERPETUAL HELP COLLEGE OF MANILA HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT is committed to offer the best of its pursuit of quality education. It continues to inculcate values as a way of strengthening the moral fiber of the Filipino individuals proud of their race. It sees the Filipino people enjoying quality and abundant life, living in peace and building a nation that the next generation shall be nourishing, cherishing and valuing.

Our Mission

The PERPETUAL HELP COLLEGE OF MANILA HIGH SCHOOL DEPARTMENT is dedicated to the development of the Filipino as a leader. It aims to graduate dynamic students who are physically, intellectually, socially and spiritually committed to the achievement of the highest quality of life. It shall produce Perpetualites who outstandingly value the virtues of reaching out and helping others as vital ingredients to nation building.


The PHCM High School Shall graduate students who:

  1. Possess appropriate knowledge, skills, attitudes for tertiary education and for the world of work.
  2. Practice entrepreneurship skills and scientific-technological competencies that will enable them to dynamically respond to varying societal situations.
  3. Contribute to the ideals of nation building and promote their unique history and heritage as Filipinos.
  4. Manifest Christian leadership skills through community service and outreach activities.
  5. Demonstrate integral character and moral values in their personal lives and interpersonal dealings.
  6. Possess mastery of written and oral communication.


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