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Organization Chart


Our Vision

The College of Radiologic Technology is dedicated to serving the rural and urban communities through the preparation of highly competent, registry – eligible medical imaging professionals and envisions itself as one of the country’s leading Higher Education Institutions in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic imaging.

Our Mission

The mission of the college will be an exemplary radiologic technology program, focused on developing tomorrow’s leaders in the field of medical imaging, serving the community and practicing continuous academic quality improvement. It also commits itself to produce globally competitive graduates who can demonstrate clinical competency, professionalism, critical thinking skills, communication skills and will provide excellence in radiological sciences education.


  • Develop critical thinking skills and appreciation of the technological advancement in the field of Radiologic Sciences through research and contributing education.
  • Apply knowledge of anatomy and physiology, positioning and radiographic techniques to accurately demonstrate anatomic structures of interest.
  • Develop skills and establishing exposure factors and evaluating radiographic images.
  • Enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes in the application in the principles of radiation protection as well as the laws and regulations governing the application of ionizing and non-ionizing radiation in medicine
  • Develop competence in exercising independent judgment and discretion in the technical performance of medical imaging and therapeutic procedures.


The College of Radiologic Technology of Perpetual Help College of Manila is dedicated to graduate and impart knowledge to Radiologic Technology graduates who, within a few years of graduation; are expected to:

  1. Provide healthcare services by utilizing x-radiation energy or with the aid of radionuclides to view in detecting and treating pathologies. Perform diagnostic procedures and utilizing an appropriate technical factors to demonstrate images for the interpretation by the Radiologists.
  2. Provide an oncology treatment health services as an essential member of the radiation oncology medical team providing total patient care to every patients undergoing radiation oncology treatment.
  3. Participate in maintaining quality assurance and quality control program and facilitate in retaining records, and thereby respecting confidentiality of patients information.
  4. Observe professional judgment in the performance of technical services and maintaining a good manner corresponding to medical ethics.
  5. Undertake continuing education in professional practice, leadership and management skills.


  1. Be a active, proficient and ethical Radiologic Technologists concerned with the aptness of state-of-the-art scientific techniques in the diagnostic and therapeutic imaging.
  2. Have an adequate know how of the various physical proposition involved in diagnostic and therapeutic approach.
  3. Developed consciousness of the imperil involved in the application of ionizing radiation (e.g., gamma rays and x-rays) to human being for diagnostic an therapeutic approach.
  4. Developed the competence of proper positioning of patients with other techniques called for any radiographic examinations involving appropriate technical factors to attain desired outcome.
  5. Able to retaliate to the technological preferment in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic thru research and continuing professional advancement.

Career Opportunities

  1. Clinicians
  2. College Professor/ Academician
  3. Radiologic Technologist
  4. CT- Scan Technologist
  5. MRI-Technologist
  6. Ultrasound Technologist
  7. Radiation Therapy Technologist
  8. Nuclear Medicine Technologist
  9. SPECT Technologist
  10. Airport Survelliance
  11. Product Specialist
  12. Entrepreneur
  13. Gamma Knife Radio-surgery Technologist
  14. ECG/ EEG Technologist
  15. Preparatory for Medicine course


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