Physical Therapy

Organizational Chart
Vision and Mission
Program Educational Objectives

"Character Building is Nation Building"



Our Vision

To be the premier value-oriented physical therapy academic institution committed to clinical competence, research, and community service.

Our Mission

To provide quality, value-oriented education and produce clinically competent and research-oriented physical therapists dedicated to community service.


The College of Physical Therapy aims to develop competent graduates who can apply practical knowledge in the delivery of therapeutic programs in different hospitals and community health settings; who are research and community service oriented; able to relate to other members of the rehabilitation team and able to carry a comprehensive treatment programs for their patients.

Specifically, upon completion of the program, the students should be able to:

  1. Apply principles of physical therapy in dealing with his/her clients in different practice settings.

  2. Demonstrate proficiency of skills in the evaluation and management of various conditions.

  3. Commit to deliver altruistic patient care.

  4. Be involved in research committed in improving quality of care.

  5. Pursue academic and professional excellence through continuing education.

  6. Be competent to practice locally and globally.


  1. Possess appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes for tertiary education and for the world of work;
  2. Practice entrepreneurship skills and scientific-technological competencies that will enable them to dynamically respond to varying societal situations;
  3. Contribute to the ideals of nation building and promote their unique history and heritage as Filipinos;
  4. Manifest Christian leadership skills through community service and outreach activities;
  5. Demonstrate integral character and moral values in their personal lives and inter-personal dealings;
  6. Demonstrate proficiency in oral and written communication for effective human relation.

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