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In the Perpetual Help System’s advocacy for health and promotion both in the medical service and in the academe, it has extended its Hippocratic participation towards the realm of rehabilitation. In this pursuit, two venues became centers of academic competency and clinical aptitude. The University of Perpetual Help System- Laguna through the enthusiastic initiative of Dr. Karen B. Tamayo, who aside from being a doctor of Medicine is also a doctor of education and a registered Occupational Therapist herself. In no time UPHS- Laguna earned its spot in both the local and international rehabilitation community producing numerous board passers who are at present, leaders in field of rehabilitation medicine in the Philippines. In 1994, Occupational Therapy program was opened in the Perpetual Help College-Manila and as the cliché goes “the second wind caught up with the first”. In less than 10 years of academic instruction, the PHCM Faculty has helped produced a number of board topnotchers and passers and overwhelming number other national board examination passers in other countries particularly in the United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Middle East among others.

Starting with 90 students in 1994, the Perpetual Manila OT enrollment has never been up heaving, but though faced with a small number of students, and limited resources for instruction, the OT Faculty has never been daunted but acted as what would be expected from a rehabilitation team. Bounded with the common goal of giving quality education and producing effective OT graduates, with resourcefulness, initiative, advocacy and professionalism the Perpetual Help College of Manila OT faculty geared their efforts, may they be doctors, professors, physical and occupational therapist the same, to develop a department to reckon with.

Through the years, faculty members came and went but the quality of teaching never waned or wavered. The department also takes pride in producing graduates who immediately land jobs of great opportunity may they be OTRP’s or not. Despite the emergence of new OT schools, better funded and equipped, the PHCM’s OT Department’s feat remains unsurpassable. It has proven itself through the years and will continue to do so with its- God driven and dedicated instructors and professors embodying the essence of OT—betterment, productivity and progress.


Our Vision

Creating Occupational Therapy professionals who are globally competent, relevant and responsive to the needs of time, and living in the values and spirit of a true Perpetualite

Our Mission

  1. To provide a dynamic and efficient OT training program that is at par with the world’s standards.
  2. To help students become well-adjusted individuals and improve their state of well-being through a better understanding of OT principles and theories.
  3. To foster personal and professional growth through interactive learning and the provision of a wide range of opportunities for practical and clinical applications.
  4. To develop skills in the evaluation, planning, implementation, and documentation in all areas of concern of OT; thus, being equally competent with other rehabilitation professionals.
  5. To reinforce learned moral values and instill attitudes on personal and work ethics setting an example for others to emulate.
  6. To inculcate an advocacy for service and respect of life.
  7. To live in the vision of Perpetual Help System by sustaining the need of OT professionals with uncompromised principles and character.

Career Opportunities

  1. Pediatrics
  2. Mental Health
  3. Acute Care Hospitals
  4. Inpatient Rehabilitation
  5. Rehabilitation Centers
  6. Skilled Nursing Facilities
  7. Home Health
  8. Outpatient clinics
  9. Specialty assessment centers


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